Business Coaching

Business Coaching


We believe we already seen a lot of motivational speakers that can guarantee you big revenues after just an hour with them right? We are talking about an hour with them and other 1000 people in the class. We cannot promise you that. But either you are an young entrepreneur, or an experienced CEO, you can rely on us in order to perform better!

Our approach?

Firstly we have in the team people who did business. Although some say a Coach must not have professional experience in the field of the Client, we believe that any experience is welcomed. Not to give advices, but to understand better what our Client asks. If you have an IT business and we wouldn’t know that a server is, how is that for our credibility?

We would I do that?

Because through questins and a coaching approach our mind is working at superior parameters than the usual. You will know exactly what to do and when to do it! That because if you have a realist objective! We suggest you won’t ask at first to become a CEO like in THE SOCIAL NETWORK MOVIE. We believe in predeterm things and we will analyse before starting your predetermination for your problem, so you won’t waste your time and money with us.

The price for a Life Coaching session is 50 EUR.
Or, buy with Payal 5 Life-Coaching sessions for the price of 200 EUR.