How well did you choose your professional career until now?

06 Aug

How well did you choose your professional career until now?

  • By Alexandru Stoian
  • In About life

If you read these words, that means in a specific moment of your life you asked yourself if what you do in your professional life suits you. One of the big problems in the information era is to find that job or that business that literally puts its mark in the society as we want it. Why? Because we see a lot of successful people, who literally inspire us right? But what is actually happening? Well, we can be fooled by a lot of cases like this. So if you ask yourself how on Earth the neighbor’s online mall is working and yours is a failure, it means that there are more reasons.


Let’s start with the beginning. What did you see yourself when you were a child? You’re going to tell us : seriously, does it matter? We believe so. Our creativity when we are young is by far better, in such matter that it allows us to better see our possible profession when we will grow up. That is why talent can manifest faster when things are predetermined. What does it mean? That event that occurs from anywhere, so your family can realize that you have to go in that proper direction. Ok, so why most of the children want to be policeman, doctors, lawyers, fireman, but they become all but that? Well that’s because in the collective subconscious of the parents there are patterns of true careers, that require a special training and a lot of time to be effective. We don’t think that we will hear some parents of the Millennials, who want they’re children become Key Accounts Managers right? Well we certainly hope so.


Let’s remember high-school. Isn’t it right that you liked some classes more than other? The same with teachers right? That’s because generally speaking we resonate with some people and with some information in order to fulfill or destiny. You don’t like that word? Call it predetermination. And in order to believe us, we suggest you make an internal recap with the moments you saw predetermined events : people that are working 3 times less in order to obtain something and yet they obtain it instead of all chances; the fact that exactly when you needed someone it showed up, just by thinking at him. Ok, and now what are we doing with the situations when we start a faculty, and after a year we quit and start another? Well, we will ask you what did you learn from the experience? We know that generally it says we are not quite using what we are learning in school, but we believe that this is way more important that it seems.


Until you can grow professionally speaking you try a lot of jobs. Of course, that depends on the faculty you chosen, and your financial situation. At first you try a call-center agent job, or salesman, or even marketing. What’s the use for right? You actually want to enter the bar, but unfortunately that is not happening. Well, if you try a lot of times and that is not working we suggest you always have a backup. If it is meant for you to have success in a field, sooner or later that thing will happen. In such manner that until 25-26 years you are free to shape your future.


The really ascension paths take place rapidly, and the signs will show off. You mean that, if I have an annoying supervisor, and at least once at 2 months I feel I have to get out of there, I should stay? This is exactly what we are trying to tell you. This events will disappear finally, and have the role to make you exceed expectations and limits. Do you really think that everything in life must be easy? The most important thing is not to be overwhelmed by stress. More important than a high society position is the way you can be balanced on all sides : health, family, socialization, spirituality; there are words which seem lost in the battle against money. So decide what is more important to you. You want a very good financial situation, for every kind of activity? You want a job that it gives you more than pleasure, and everybody from the outside believe it suites you? It’s that kind of job where you feel that you have an invisible support and things, although with a little effort, always evolve.

We can see cases where programmers enter the aviation school and viceversa, but eventually they take their old job back. Well even though know-how in the fields are developing us very much, we recommend you to think twice before making big changes in your career.


A lot of people think that a career builds until 35, and if you didn’t climb enough until then, it will be a lot harder afterwards. Maybe is true from such perspectives. And yet, to obtain something you have to put on 25% effort, 25% intention and 50% energy. And our level of energy and information is constantly changing in order to adapt to the new intellectual need that appear through time. Our advice is to try and be at the level asked by that objective, before asking yourself why it didn’t work out. We now is hard, but don’t put NO as a rule. Look around you, all people who really believed in themselves, no matter of age, finally become what they desired. Time, the need to compare ourselves with others, are sustained only by the ego. It is relevant for you to cope better with the situation, and not to remain with an inferiority complex for a long time.


The best method to overcome your condition and climb the society is to value your mental potential. Your relationship with your subconscious, the way you are using your cerebral abilities, are waving a lot in order to cope with successfull challenges. We heard a lot of people who are taking cerebral stimulants like Modafinil, Yoga, meditation techniques, respiration exercises such as qi-qong, in searching for the optimal state. Even if these methods are working, and can help you manifest a better version of yourself, it is better not to become addicted with nothing in order for things to advance by themselves. If you want to learn to be a mechanic and you take stimulants but you don’t have enough talent, you are lying to yourself. We are not talking here about talents such as music, art, that are naturally taking place. But the fields where you have to put on an informational effort in order to stay top. Reading all written above, we suggest to stay with yourself for 30 minutes and think how you really feel at the current job. And ask yourself : what did you do lately to perform? And if you do not succeed, what is stopping you?

Alexandru Stoian, Life & Business Coach, Pathways Consulting